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Top 10 Donors in the Last Year

Donor AgencyActual Disbursements (USD)
Government of Australia58,810,046.05
Government Of Japan38,783,440.34
Asian Development Bank26,076,091.68
European Union19,302,248.08
World Bank15,019,720.08
United States Agency for International Development12,955,301
Japan International Cooperation Agency12,640,361.14
New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade12,074,796.18
Korean International Cooperation Agency7,370,284.52
United Nations Children's Fund6,830,041.71

Top 10 Projects in the Last Year

Actual Start DateDonor AgencyPrimary SectorProject titleActual Commitments (USD)Actual Disbursements (USD)
08/12/2016Government Of Japan150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETYElectoral Assistance for Social Inclusion, Multi-Tier Governance, and Strengthening of Rule of Law in Timor-Leste 2016-201833,306,649.2433,306,649.24
13/06/2016European Union210 - TRANSPORT AND STORAGEDitrict Roads Rehabilitation and maintenance project in Timor-Leste - CA with ADB23,014,4309,564,300
Japan International Cooperation Agency311 - AGRICULTUREThe Project for Increasing Farmers Households' Income through Strengthening Domestic Rice Production in Timor-Leste9,768,988.45247,099.41
United States Agency for International Development120 - HEALTHUSAID's Reinforce Basic Health3,738,2941,953,361
01/03/2012Government of Australia210 - TRANSPORT AND STORAGER4D - Roads for Development3,576,9463,576,946
01/01/2009European Union, Government Of Japan, Government of Australia, Government of Spain, Government of Sweden, Ministry of Health, UNICEF Core Resources, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Nations Children's Fund, United States Agency for International Development120 - HEALTHChild Survival and Development3,174,5115,002,769.14
06/06/2016Government Of Japan150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETYProject for Enhancing Women’s Meaningful Leadership and Participation in Statebuilding and Development in Timor-Leste2,699,659.182,699,659.18
30/09/2010Irish Aid, New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade250 - BUSINESS AND OTHER SERVICESBOSS - Business Opportunities and Support Services Project2,478,3652,478,365
08/04/2008European Union, Government of Australia, World Bank120 - HEALTHP104794/TF091651-2 Technical Assistance - Supervision for Health sector strategic plan support project2,450,785.222,478,768.76

Last 10 updated projects

DateTitleDonor Agency
29/03/2017Ditrict Roads Rehabilitation and maintenance project in Timor-Leste - CA with ADBEuropean Union
29/03/2017Fourth Rural Development Project - Project Purpose I - Strengthening Agricultural ExtensionEuropean Union
29/03/2017Improving Government Accountability Through Social AuditingEuropean Union
29/03/2017Financial Audit of RDP IV - DA FED/2011/278069 signed with GIZEuropean Union
29/03/2017Technical Assistant to Support Capacity Building to NAO ServicesEuropean Union
29/03/2017Strengthening "Monitoring and Evaluation" in Timor-LesteEuropean Union
29/03/2017Financial Audit of Juctice Programme signed with CAMOES (FED/2011/275758)European Union
29/03/2017Technical Assistant to support the visibility of all EU-TL Cooperation ProjectEuropean Union
29/03/2017Verification of UNDP CA FED/2011/267807European Union
29/03/2017Legal Capacity Development Adviser to the office of the PresidentEuropean Union

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