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Top 10 Donors in the Last Year

Donor AgencyActual Disbursements (USD)
Government of Australia52,206,533.97
European Union10,321,319.53
United States Agency for International Development9,662,089
Ministry of Health5,730,509.68
Government Of Japan4,233,935.65
Korean International Cooperation Agency3,462,783.74
World Health Organization3,245,905.34
Asian Development Bank2,510,624.84
United Nations Children's Fund1,988,036
India-UN Development Partnership Fund1,747,894

Top 10 Projects in the Last Year

Actual Start DateDonor AgencyPrimary SectorProject titleActual Commitments (USD)Actual Disbursements (USD)
26/05/2020Government of Australia150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETYDirect Partner Funding Arrangement for COVID-19 Community Resilience and Economic Recovery4,579,086.223,163,866.88
22/01/2018United States Agency for International Development332 - TOURISMUSAID's Tourism for All Project3,600,0002,770,051
01/06/2017United States Agency for International Development331 - TRADE POLICY AND REGULATIONS AND TRADE-RELATED ADJUSTMENTUSAID Custom Reform Project1,635,3091,803,362
09/07/2020Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund, United Nations Development Programme500 - COMMODITY AID AND GENERAL PROGRAMME ASSISTANCEG0707: Food Security Emergency Response in Timor-Leste1,105,3350
United States Agency for International Development120 - HEALTHUSAID's Reinforce Basic Health841,3221,627,546
18/06/2014New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade110 - EDUCATIONLafaek Learning Media835,930.820
23/11/2019New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade332 - TOURISMTimor Leste Tourism Development Activity825,013.530
European Union998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIEDEIDHR/2020/416693 - Ensuring Government accountability of COVID-19 and improved freedom and access of information in Timor-Leste669,846.44446,715.66
21/08/2020ILO Regular Budget Supplementery Funds 120 - HEALTHSupporting recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through targeted employment-intensive emergency public works for the rural poor and vulnerable in Timor-Leste550,00030,278.05
07/02/2019Government Of Japan120 - HEALTHStrengthening Service Assistance for Primary Health Care through Community Participation in Atauro & Metinaro Administrative Posts, including remote areas in Dili.387,602775,204

Last 10 updated projects

DateTitleDonor Agency
14/01/2021Construction of Public Clinic in Atudara Village, Cailaco Administrative Post, Bobonaro MunicipalityGovernment Of Japan
28/12/2020Construction of Public Clinic in Souro Village, Lospalos Administrative Post, Lautem MunicipalityGovernment Of Japan
17/12/2020Strenghtening Immigration and Border Management in Timor-Leste - IB.0123International Organization for Migration Development Fund
17/12/2020The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste: Migration Profile (PR.0228)International Organization for Migration
17/12/2020Community-Based Active Case Detection and Management of Tuberculosis in Timor-Leste. MA.0472International Organization for Migration Development Fund
17/12/2020Strengthening Covid-19 response in Timor-Leste's Border Communities (SCRIT-LBC)-MP.0462World Health Organization
17/12/2020Timor-Leste COVID-19 Response - Laboratory Equipment Procurement Support (COVID-LAB)Korean International Cooperation Agency
17/12/2020Construction of Women’s dormitory in Costa Village, Pante-Macassar Administrative Post, Oecusse - Ambeno Special Administrative RegionGovernment Of Japan
17/12/2020Construction of Safe House for Women and Children in Caicoli Village, Vera Cruz Administrative Post, Dili MunicipalityGovernment Of Japan

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