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Top 10 Donors in the Last Year

Donor AgencyActual Disbursements (USD)
Government of Australia62,129,582.43
Government Of Japan17,296,531
Japan International Cooperation Agency17,153,943.68
United States Agency for International Development15,614,300.74
European Union14,879,640.3
World Bank12,223,730.24
Korean International Cooperation Agency6,125,979.68
United Nations Children's Fund5,297,797.97
Embassy of the United States3,499,916.64
UNICEF Core Resources3,121,965.96

Top 10 Projects in the Last Year

Actual Start DateDonor AgencyPrimary SectorProject titleActual Commitments (USD)Actual Disbursements (USD)
23/11/2019New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade332 - TOURISMTimor Leste Tourism Development Activity447,099.490
01/06/2018New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade311 - AGRICULTUREViqueque Sustainable Agro-Enterprise Farmers to Market (Far-Mar)88,074.680
01/06/2019Embassy of the United States311 - AGRICULTUREHATUTAN Education and Nutrition Program (Beneficiary is Ministry of Agriculture)0275,981
01/06/2019Embassy of the United States110 - EDUCATIONHATUTAN Education and Nutrition Program (Beneficiary is Ministry of Education)02,555,224
01/06/2019Embassy of the United States120 - HEALTHHATUTAN Education and Nutrition Program (Beneficiary is Ministry of Health)0594,358
United States Agency for International Development920 - SUPPORT TO NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS (NGOS)NGO Advocacy for Good Governance0750,620
United States Agency for International Development998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIEDEmerging Opportuinties Activity0292,415
United States Agency for International Development220 - COMMUNICATIONSPowering ICT0495,315
World Bank998 - UNALLOCATED/ UNSPECIFIEDAction Plan of Timor-Leste Public Procurement Systems Assessment using revised MAPS methodology. P176102011,579
29/12/2019World Bank150 - GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETYP173183 - Support to the Public Financial Managment Strategy in Timor-Leste.013,110

Last 10 updated projects

Activity Updated OnProject TitleDonor Agency
17/05/2023Strengthening COVID-19 Response in Timor-Leste's Border Communities Phase II (SCRIT-LBC Phase II) -IB.0244World Health Organization
17/05/2023The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste: Migration Profile (PR.0228)International Organization for Migration
17/05/2023Community-Based Active Case Detection and Management of Tuberculosis in Timor-Leste. MA.0472International Organization for Migration Development Fund
17/05/2023Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) and Financial Diversification in Timor-Leste-LM.0421Joint SDG Fund
17/05/2023Addressing Environmental Migration Resulting from Coastal Change in Timor-Leste-NC.0050International Organization for Migration Development Fund
17/05/2023Together for Equality: Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence in Timor-Leste-DR.0046Korean International Cooperation Agency
17/05/2023Enhancing Disaster Risk Reduction in Timor-Leste-DR.0048International Organization for Migration
17/05/2023Strengthening the Border Management Capacity in Timor-Leste-IB.0265Australian Department of Home Affairs
17/05/2023Assessing vulnerabilities and resilience in border communities in Timor-Leste through the human security approach in the context of COVID-19 (IB.0307)United Nations
17/05/2023STRENGTHENING TIMOR-LESTE'S BORDER AND LAW ENFORCEMENT CAPACITIES TO ADDRESS TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS (PX.0322)Government of Timor-Leste fund, International Organization for Migration

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